Find the Best Eyelash Extensions Price for Your Budget

We hear it all the time: “Can’t I just pick up false eyelashes from the drugstore?” Sure sis, you certainly could. However, if you want long, luscious lashes that look totally natural and last longer than a night out, eyelash extensions are your only choice. Unlike false eyelashes, which affix to your natural lashes by way of a self-adhesive strip or eyelash glue, eyelash extensions are carefully attached to each individual lash for a full and flawless look. But, how much do quality eyelash extensions cost?

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How to Edit Your IG Photos Like a Pro!

You know your angles, you’ve perfected your lighting and your lashes are absolutely killing it, thanks to your recent visit to Cherry Lash. Yet even after all this work, your selfies are still in need of a little pre-Instagram editing. With endless editing apps available, the editing process can become overwhelming. Luckily, we’re here to give you some solid pointers and a spin in the right direction to simplify your editing experience. Try out the tips below and you can post flawless eyelash extensions before-and-after photos in no time! Read more