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Primer on Common Eyelash Extension Adhesive Materials

As your top eyelash experts in Las Vegas and Henderson, providing eyelash extensions to help you achieve a dramatic, makeup or natural look, we at Cherry Lash receive a lot of common questions. Perhaps the single most common, especially from those who have not had lash extensions installed in the past: How do lashes stick to my eyes?

The important terms to know here are adhesives and glue, interchangeable ways of describing a few different products that help bind lash extensions to your natural eyelashes. The base chemical used in the majority of these products is known as cyanoacrylate – let’s break down some important information on this element, plus some alternative options available and when you should consider them.

Understanding Cyanoacrylate

When it comes to the adhesive used most often, the eyelash extension world owes a debt of gratitude to what was actually an accidental scientific discovery. Back in 1951, two chemists were attempting to do an experiment involving this element related to light refraction, but quickly realized they had stumbled onto a new form of adhesive.

Today, cyanoacrylate remains the most common product used for eyelash adhesive needs. It does not dry, but rather cures in the presence of moisture – as it’s exposed to moisture, its molecules slow down and form polymer chains, which are extremely strong and tough to break. Cyanoacrylate can be mixed with several different additives to change its thickness, holding power, and the fumes that are released from it.

Cyanoacrylate Safety

A few important areas to consider in terms of safety around cyanoacrylate, which has a few misconceptions attached to it:

  • Formaldehyde: While it’s true that formaldehyde is used to produce cyanoacrylate, there’s a misconception regarding its continued presence. Formaldehyde gas is present during manufacturing, but dissipates completely before the process is finished and cannot be found, even in trace amounts, in the final product.
  • Medical grade: Cyanoacrylate is considered a medical grade product, a loose categorization. It’s made under very strict manufacturing conditions, and in a few specific types.
  • Safety: While formaldehyde is not a risk like some people think it is, cyanoacrylate may still release certain mildly harmful fumes or chemicals. Speak to your trained lash artist about a proper ventilation system and ensuring you’re safe here.

Other Options

There are alternatives to cyanoacrylate – here they are, plus some situations where you might use them:

  • Sensitive adhesive: Some people might have a reaction to certain adhesive formats. In these cases, sensitive versions that use lower cyanoacrylate fumes can be used to prevent irritation for people with dry or sensitive eyes. These are not for people with a true allergy to cyanoacrylate, though – your lash artist can suggest alternatives here if so.
  • Clear adhesives: A cyanoacrylate base with some differing additional properties, excluding carbon black.
  • Latex-free adhesives: Some cyanoacrylate adhesives will have latex, but there are options that do not if you’re allergic to it.

For more on lash adhesives, or to learn about any of our eyelash extension or care services, speak to the staff at Cherry Lash today.

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Avoiding Safety Mistakes Made by Inexperienced Eyelash Artists

At Cherry Lash, we’re proud to provide high-quality eyelash extensions and other eyelash products. Whether you’re going for a dramatic look, natural feel or any other style, our professionals are here to help with method that are both stylish and completely safe.

This last element – safety – is one we take very seriously. The minor risks associated with eyelash care may not seem like much of a concern, and they aren’t – so long as you’re working with reputable eyelash professionals who know the proper steps to take here. Let’s go over a few of the mistakes inexperienced lash pros might make, plus how we avoid them while providing you with lash extensions.


When applied properly, lash extensions should allow natural lashes to grow in their normal way and without any pain. If improperly applied, however, they can stick together and cause a “pulling” feeling, either during blinking or constantly.

Generally, this comes down to how much lash glue was used by your eyelash artist. Too much glue will stick lashes together at the bases, which can break lashes and lead to long-term issues. Our artists will end every treatment by brushing your lashes to make sure they don’t snag or pull in any way, something you’ll be able to do yourself once you leave.

Allergies or Reactions

All lash artists need to be aware of possible human sensitivity to certain lash products. Some people are sensitive to certain fumes that are used in some lash adhesives, and others may have issues with the gel pad that’s used during lash treatments. Good lash artists are trained to place the gel pad properly to avoid vapors seeping through, which is the issue in most cases. We’ll also provide barrier creams and other basic preparation services for those with dry skin or other concerns.

And finally, we’ll always give you a patch test before any eyelash application to be sure you won’t have an allergic reaction to any of the products being used. There is no risk of allergic reaction whatsoever when you come to our experienced pros.


And finally, it’s of paramount importance that all lash artists work in clean, sanitary areas and with tools that match this cleanliness. There are a number of contagious eye-related conditions that may spread otherwise, including pink eye, blepharitis and others. These can take place due to basic unsanitary conditions, poor ventilation, or even stale adhesives being used.

At Cherry Lash, we use only the most detailed sanitation and safety methods to avoid these risks entirely. We are happy to show you how our tools are cleaned, the precautions taken by your artist, and our requirements for hand-washing and other sanitation measures.

For more on avoiding mistakes made by inexperienced eyelash artists, or to learn about any of our eyelash services, speak to the pros at Cherry Lash today.

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Steps and Precautions for Eyelash Extension Application

At Cherry Lash, we love to bring in new customers and show them just how simple and easy eyelash extensions really are. Here’s some basic information to know in this area, from the standard steps of the process to the cleaning requirements and basic precautions you should take before and after your appointment.

The Process

If you’ve never had it done before, you may be a little apprehensive about the actual process of installing lash extensions. But in reality, this is a simple process that follows a few basic steps:

  • For starters, your artist will spend some time with you going over the shape of your eye and your narual lashes. From this information, you’ll choose your desired lash extensions together.
  • Your eyelash artist will place a gel pad over your bottom lashes, then secure this in place using professional-grade medical tape. This protects the skin from tweezers or other tools, and also keeps the bottom lashes from getting in the way.
  • From here, each extension will be placed on your eye on a per-lash basis. Every individual lash is isolated and given its own extension. This is done by the artist dipping each extension into the adhesive solution, then immediately placing it on your lash. Most lashes will cure in just one or two seconds.

Cleaning Needs

If you’re looking to get the very most out of your extensions once they’re put in, the single most important factor is cleaning them regularly. At least two or three times a week is the bare minimum here, and we recommend doing so more often if you can. Also cleanse the lashes to help keep makeup and oils away from them – these oils can break down the adhesives that keep your lashes on, and will limit how long they’re good for.


A few other random tips and precautions for first-timers who may be inexperienced in this area:

  • There’s a common misconception that you aren’t allowed to wear makeup or wet your lashes after an extension application appointment – this simply isn’t true.
  • As long as the makeup you choose is marked safe for lash extensions, and as long as you clean the lashes well after each application, makeup is just fine.
  • One part of the above myth is true: You should avoid wetting your lashes until the adhesive fully cures, which may take a couple hours or could take up to a day. After this, though, there’s no issue with wetting lashes.

For more information on the basic process of eyelash extensions, or to learn about any of our false lash services, speak to the staff at Cherry Lash today.

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