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Get a confidence boost on the dance floor and in the boardroom with your custom Cherry Lash extensions. Let our talented artists give you the royal treatment while creating your desired look.


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What’s your lash look? Using the highest quality lashes, our state-licensed lash artists are trained in advanced application techniques to create your desired style while providing a luxurious experience.


When you walk in the room heads turn. You’re not over the top, you’re just at the top. Some love it, some hate it — but, they never forget it… or you! Your lashes need to match your flair and attitude.


Not the center of attention, yet you still make a statement wherever you go. Leave a lasting impression with an extra pop of volume and length that helps you put your best foot forward every day.


You make your mark in more subtle ways — with slight enhancements to your natural beauty adding to your mystery. People will think you woke up like this — don’t worry, your secret is safe with us.

what the clients say

I was so amazed at how great & natural my eyelash extensions look! My husband is giving me second looks all the time now — it’s been years since I’ve seen that look!


new to lashes?

Whether you’re a first-timer or it’s been a while, we’d love to answer your questions and uncover the style that shows off your personality. Come in and get a feel for the luxurious experience we provide. Book your free consultation now.

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Receive information on our lash membership options from one of our lash artists. We value your privacy - we will never sell or share your information.