3D Volume Lashes

Three times the lashes, three times the drama. We apply multiple thin lash extensions to each of your natural lashes. As a result, you get lashes that are more than twice as thick. The procedure fixes the lash gaps from plucking, scars, and non-growth. No more curlers…just effortless, gorgeous lashes

Semi-Permanent Lashes

Get luscious lashes without the hassle of mascaras and curlers. Our lash artists attach a strand on your lashes and see to it that they fan out beautifully. Natural-looking and lightweight, they brighten up your eyes, make you look wide awake, and give your face more definition.

Permanent Lashes

For lashes that hold their curls in place. Our lash artists use quality-assured techniques and formulas that provide long-lasting, full eyelashes that stay in their position for several weeks.

Mega Volume Lashes

A glamourous look is your default look when you wear these lashes. We attach several extremely thin extensions to your natural strands for fuller, thicker eyelashes. Soft and wispy, our extensions are so light you can barely feel they’re there. Our artist studies your lashes to determine the number of extensions your strands can carry for a sultry look.